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  • Pat Boone

    Pat Boone

    PAT BOONE invited us to his office today to view a preview of our upcoming documentary on the band LOVE SONG. A very kind and gracious man, and a great story teller. A true legend. He love the preview. Visit L-R: Jerry Stanley, Chuck Girard, Tommy Coomes, Pat Boone, Jay Truax, Ron Strand, Eric […]

  • Prayer Request

    Prayer Request

    Divine Mercy Intercessory Prayer Ministry We Will Pray for You — Call 1-800-804-3823 Answered Prayers I prayed for my daughter who was pregnant. Doctors wanted to perform an abortion because they believed the child was going to be handicapped. The baby was born without any medical illness and mother and child are doing very well.— […]

  • Six second kiss.

    Six second kiss.

  • Don’t waste your life!

    Don’t waste your life!